Our enemies are LIARS!


Posted by Julie Edensor on 1 January 2016 | Comments

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Our enemies are LIARS!

As we enter into 2016 I rejoice with you that God says that all our enemies will be found liars unto us.

Blessed are you, O Israel; who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, Who is the shield of your help, and the sword of your majesty!  SO YOUR ENEMIES SHALL CRINGE BEFORE YOU, AND YOU SHALL TREAD UPON THEIR HIGHT PLACES.  Deuteronomy 33 v 29!

 Another translation reads ' THINE ENEMIES SHALL BE FOUND LIARS UNTO THEE'.  The same promise of our enemies being found liars is mentioned three times in Psalms.  The Hebrew meaning for the word 'lied' is 'feigned'!  Now to 'feign' is to assume a false appearance. To make a pretence of in order to deceive; to sham, and a sham is that which appears to be what it is not!  So here we are given one of the enemy's devices by which he seeks to get advantage of us, or literally to overreach us or to outwit us, that is to defeat us by superior ingenuity.  When we read in the Hebrew 'Thine enemies shall feign unto thee' it is the symptoms which shall be feigned.  SATAN WILL MAKE THINGS TO APPEAR WORSE THAN THEY REALLY ARE, IN ORDER TO FRIGHTEN US, TO TROUBLE US AND TO GET THE BETTER OF US!

The word 'feigned' appears in another passage Psalm 81 v 15 and in verse 16 of this Psalm we find the answer to all the devil's feigning (lying) - 'HE should have fed them also with the finest of the WHEAT;  and with h0ney out of the ROCK should I have satisfied thee'.  The finest of the WHEAT symbolises Christ, HE is the corn of WHEAT that fell into the ground and died, in order that HE might not abide alone, but might bring forth much fruit.  HE IS THE FINEST WHEAT WITH WHICH WE ARE TO BE FED!  Honey out of the ROCK symbolises the WORD OF GOD, 'How sweet are Thy words unto my taste!  Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

There is a two-fold remedy for Satan's feigning, (lying) to us, firstly we all need an increased manifestation of Christ's life in us, and secondly,  His fresh light upon His Word in our lives!  Satan will continue to lie to us, but instead of thinking and dreading in advance any attack he will make upon us, WE MUST REMEMBER THAT WE WILL BE ENRICHED BY THE ATTACK!  For God Himself will cause our 'suffering being tempted' to be the very means of more of Himself being imparted to us!  We will also receive a new understanding of the strength and keeping power of His living Word!

The word for 'sword' in Deuteronomy 33 v 29 in Hebrew means wonderfully 'mouth of the sword or sword of mouths!"

1 Samuel 2 v 1 'My mouth is enlarged over the mouth of my enemies, BECAUSE IF REJOICE IN THY SALVATION!

Keep declaring His WORD in 2016 – He has enlarged our mouths over the mouth of our enemies. We declare His victory, deliverances, promises and truth – We say like King David “With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.” Psalm 60 v 12.


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