About Julie

Julie Edensor is Director of Zarephath Ministries and Elder of Zarephath Ministries Fellowship.

about julieJulie became a Christian at the age of 29 while working in the Careers Service in September of 1982.

Julie’s family were Roman Catholic, she attended a Catholic School and regularly went to Mass. But she had never heard the true message of the Gospel, the ‘good news’ of salvation and the need for ‘sinners’ to be saved!

Already frustrated by the failure of appointed ‘institutions’ to protect the lives of the ‘defenceless’, and disillusioned by the horror of Falklands war and the potential lost lives of the young men and women who had sailed in the ‘HMS’ Invincible, Hermes and other ships on ‘redundancy notices’, she put her faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Today, Julie is the founder of ‘Beth Baruch Fellowship’ and ‘Zarephath Ministries’ which supports an Orphanage in India and several other related projects in India, missions in central Asia and Israel.

Julie has been appointed/entrusted to various leadership roles, is a Christian author, speaker, tour leader and a very popular/regular Bible teacher. Julie's teaching is unique elaborating on a huge variety of different Biblical subjects and has now been publicly speaking for over 32yrs.

Julie’s teaching materials are available in the media centre, to purchase any of her books please call the office number. 

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