At Zarephath Ministries, we take financial accountability seriously. We believe God has called His Church to be a faithful steward of His gospel “Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust]”. 1 Corinthians 4:2

Dear Partners and Friends,

At Zarephath Ministries, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do — because we recognize that every resource entrusted to us makes it possible for us to connect with people around the world with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

As part of our stewardship, we optimize resources and distribute them where they are needed most. Zarephath Ministries sends 100 percent of sponsorship/donations directly to its missions without deducting anything for administrative costs. This has been our practice from the beginning.

We carefully monitor and review programs and costs and use donations for their intended purposes.  We continually strive to keep our ministerial costs down: neither Julie nor anyone else working within Zarephath Ministries receives a salary or royalties, everything is run on a volunteer basis.

To help you stay informed, we would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain our financial accountability.

We have a core set of Biblical values by which we govern Zarephath Ministries, including financial integrity. Our Board is comprised of ministerial men and women of God who have all been/are involved in business and provide direction for our organization. They hold us accountable to steward your donations in the most effective and efficient manner.

We appreciate your partnership and continued trust. 


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