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Non-Denominational Independent Fellowship is how we would best describe Zarephath Ministries Fellowship which Julie founded over 20yrs ago. The fellowship was created at the height of the ‘Toronto / Pensacola Blessing’. At the time Julie held leadership positions in various organisations and was regularly speaking throughout churches/ conferences across the region. As a result of being in these positions of leadership, Julie was exposed to the error’s, cover up’s and strange (demonic) manifestations within the ‘Toronto / Pensacola Blessing’. This led to her speaking out and warning against this counterfeit blessing. It is with great sadness the warning was not heeded but rejected which resulted in Julie stepping down from her leadership positions and withdrawing from speaking at churches/ conferences that embraced this erroneous blessing. 

This created a serious need for grounded biblical teaching within the surrounding area and led to the founding of Zarephath Ministries Fellowship.

Zarephath Ministries Fellowship originally started in 1997 as small house group with 3 members. Today it is an established fellowship which meets in Rugeley (Staffordshire) every Sunday for worship (and Sunday school). Midweek meetings are held on Tuesday (Prayer meeting) and Wednesday Evening (Bible Study). All of the weeks meetings can be found via the events page

Each Sunday we have worship that is Biblical, Communion and Biblical Teaching through the preaching of the Word. All the services are followed by a time of fellowship with refreshments.   

Biblical Covering for Zarephath Ministries / Zarephath Ministries Fellowship comes from the group of elders within the fellowship. 

The running of Zarephath Ministries Fellowship is however overseen by a group of elders, as was the practice in the early church (e.g. Acts 14:21-23 & Titus 1:5-9). Their role is to ‘shepherd the flock of God’ (1 Peter 5:2), but always as under-shepherds to Christ (1 Peter 5:3-4) who is the only head of the church (Colossians 1:18). The elders’ concern is with the spiritual direction and pastoral care of the church.

The Elders within Zarephath Ministries fellowship are:

Julie Edensor (Elder)

DR Rodney Curtis (Elder)

David Bond (Elder)

Alec Jones-Hall (Elder)

The Deacon within the fellowship is:

Carol Pickard 

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