Israel, Jordan & Petra - Nov/Dec 2020

ISRAEL & PETRA BIBLE TOUR - NOV / DEC 2020 with Julie Edensor

(We are now taking bookings)

“Dear Friends, One of the most significant blessings in my life is taking people to Israel and teaching them God’s Word in-depth, where it happened. To actually study the Bible on site, in the very places where the patriarchs, our Saviour, and His disciples lived, brings an added depth to our faith and understanding. In our upcoming 2017 Israel Tour this October, we are delighted to be visiting many different sites to previous tours. This tour is for those who want the Bible in such a way they won’t forget it, who want to go home different because of the work of the Word in their lives. Come to Israel with us to invest in an experience that will draw you closer to God and give you a greater understanding of His Word. Together we’ll study the Bible, fellowship, pray, and worship together… and possibly shed a few tears.
Look towards to seeing you!"
Julie Edensor

At Zarephath Ministries, we are committed to taking groups to the lands where Jesus, David, and the Patriarchs walked, as well as the countries where the early church was planted through the missionary journeys of Paul, Timothy, Barnabas, and the early disciples. Stepping upon the soil of the lands where so many biblical events took place is indeed a privilege.

The forthcoming 2020 Israel and Petra Study Tour is a Bible study event. The tour features daily / nightly teaching in Israel's most significant locations by Julie Edensor, worship, prayer and fellowship. The 2020 tour combines the best of Israel and Petra with teaching around the historical and spiritual significance of all these biblical sites. The study tour with Zarephath brings you an opportunity to see the full scope of God's plan for His people from Genesis to Revelation. It is so wonderful to understand scripture in a new dimension as you experience first-hand places like the Treasury at Petra, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Sea of Galilee, and Megiddo —the biblical site for Armageddon.

To find out the Itinerary, the confirmed dates, and costings for this tour, please email or call 0844 357 7574 for more information.

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