Mercy Home


Mercy Home: A Christian orphanage for abandoned girls and boys in Kerala State, India.

Poverty and unemployment are the greatest problems in India. The per capita income of the average person in India is very small and many people live under the poverty level. There are currently more than eleven million abandoned children in India, where a growing number of newborn babies are being dumped anonymously in cots placed outside orphanages. About 90% of those abandoned are baby girls (whose dowries will put unbearable financial burdens on their parents leaving their mothers unable to afford to keep them).

If girls are not abandoned, they might be killed soon after birth or married off at the age of nine years old to a man 30yrs older than them. The daughters that are kept by their families are normally considered a burden, and hence, are neglected. Many are not sent to school, being forced to labour 12 hours per day for a meagre sum.

AMY1The girl’s of India have always had a special place in Julie’s heart after reading the accounts of Amy Carmichael (16 December 1867 – 18 January 1951) a Protestant Christian missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur.

Amy Carmichael's most notable work was with girls and young women, some of whom were saved from customs that amounted to forced prostitution. Amy Carmichael served in India for 55 years and founded a fellowship in Dohnavur which became a sanctuary for over one thousand children who would otherwise have faced a bleak future.

Over 30yrs ago, Julie had the privilege of meeting Brother Pappy Daniel as he started out on his mission in providing abandoned orphan Indian girls and boys with the love and the warmth of Jesus Christ. Since Pappy’s first visit to the UK in the early 80’s, he has not only become a personal friend of Julie, but also a partner in missions.

Today the Mercy Home Orphanage currently looks after around 120 children consisting of 70 girls and 50 boys with 20 staff workers to teach, feed and to care for.

Over the years the Lord has blessed the ministry of our Brother Pappy Daniel and the work of Light of Hope Mission. As a result of the Lord’s leading and blessing several other projects and ministries are currently underway at the Light of Hope Mission in , Kerala State, India under the leadership of Pappy Daniel.

1. Children`s Homes. Presently 70 girls and 50 boys with 20 staff workers to teach, feed and to care for them.
2. Seekers` and follow up meetings to establish newly converted people in the Lord.
3. Literature ministry - Tens of thousands of gospel literatures are being printed and used in the outreaches. Shipments also go to the other parts of the country to be used by outreach  workers. Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi tracts are printed. Publications to explain present day events from Bible prophecies.
4. Bible classes and village meetings.
5. Counselling for alcoholics and families with problems.
6. Village evangelism outreach and establishing Christian worship groups. A team of workers go door to door witnessing every weekday with the good news of salvation.
7. New rooms under construction to teach children and to house staff workers.  
8. Tailoring and embroidery classes to train orphan children and poor villagers to enable them to make a living on their own.
9. Computer classes to train orphan children and youths from neighbouring villages.
10. Assistance for poor villages to buy medicine, educational help and housing.  

In a country where millions of children are living in the streets without food or clothing, and 70% of the population has never heard the Gospel before we at Zarephath Ministries are committed to financially support the work of Pappy Daniel and the Light of Hope Mission as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have regular contact to monitor the spiritual progress of the mission programmes, and offer any assistance that is required.

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