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Posted by Julie Edensor on 16 July 2016

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A life of stripping, 
A life of pain, 
Don’t spare the needle! 
It’s for my gain!   

The Bride must have HER garments fair, 
Woven by Him, for HER to wear.     

That Golden Thread, 
His Divinity,
Must become a part of ME, 
Taken deeply by HIS hand, 
Every piercing, every strand......... 
‘Painful! Painful!  is her cry, 
Only the needle has the eye,

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Comfort In The Storm

Posted by Julie Edensor on 11 July 2016

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The Lord has been showing me that there can be darkness in our lives in order to get us to cleave to the light (Christ) , but also there are lions and beasts in us (Our old nature), they’re fierce, and you know, (the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour - 1Peter 5 v 8).

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