Messianic Insights - Aleph PT5 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet)

Aleph 5

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Messianic Insights - Aleph Part 5 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet) 

The silent aleph in the first word of the Torah “Bereshit”– ראשיתב  - “In the beginning” (Genesis 1 v 1) is called the ‘countable one’ – The Hebrew word for ‘faith’ is ‘אמונה’ – Emunah (Deuteronomy 32 v 4 - Strong’s H530) meaning ‘firmness, security, stability, steady, truth - it can be read as ‘aleph counts’ – the aleph counts all the reality from one.

The Hebrew word ‘aleph’ and what it represents

Aleph א represents God 

Lamed ל meaning ‘to learn’ as in Job 33 v 33.

Peh  ף means ‘mouth'

These three letters in Aleph teach something in each letter  

  1. Aleph = we must meet the LORD
  2. Lamed = we must learn from Him
  3. Peh = we must speak of Him

Aleph the first letter ‘א represents God the Father with 21 children

God’s Name is a v.e.r.b! He is a ‘teacher’ – remember Job 33 v 33.

What God’s various names reveal is the Aleph as found in the numerical letter count of Genesis chapter 1 v 1/5

Adonai – אדני = (Genesis 18 v 3 – Strong’s H136) Gematria = 65 - the 65th letter in Genesis chapter one is י (Yod)

“I WILL BE” (Exodus 3 v 14/15 – Strong’s H) – אהיה אשר אהיה = 543 – the 543rd letter is ה – (Hey)

Mashiach - משיח (Isaiah 45 v 1 – Strong’s H4899) - the 358th letter is ו (Vav)

Yeshua – ישוע (Psalm 149 v 4 – Strong’s H3444)– the 386th letter is ה (Hey)

Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey – יהוה  (Zechariah 14 v 9 – Strong’s H3068) = Jehovah


The Book of Chronicles begins with the ‘first man’ – אדם -Adam (1 Chronicles 1 v 1 “Adam, Seth, Enosh.”

The three letters of Adam’s name allude to the uniqueness of the human being – the name of the first man, Adam אדם begins with the Aleph, which demonstrates that ‘man’ was made in God’s image.

One Jewish Sage, realizing that the ‘aleph’ represents God’s Presence, wrote that when Adam -אדם sinned, the aleph – אלף fled and only the dam –דם (the blood) was left.


א (aleph) is for אדם

ד (dalet) is for דלת

מ (mem) is for משיח

Thinking of the order revealed in Adam’s name – אדם – the first ‘soul’ created by God and placed into Adam was meant to appear on this earth three different times, transmigrated into three personalities.

א – אדם -Adam – remember according to Midrash he was destined to live 1000 year (Genesis 5 v 5 – 930 years) but willingly gave 70 years of his lifespan to King David (2 Samuel 5 v 4).  In Hebrew Dalet is the second letter of Adam’s name and the first letter of David’s name

ד – דוד  - David – The first soul (Adam) which might have been perfect but sinned, and which was subsequently perfected through the sweet singer of Israel, King David, would prove worthy to return one last time as the final Redeemer – identified in the last latter of Adam’s name – the Mem (מ) stands for  משיח (Mashiach) descendant of David, who will bring the world to universal recognition of God and be instrumental in achieving everlasting peace – as seen in the genealogy of Matthew 1.

מ– משיח– Messiah

When God completed creation, the Torah teaches “And God say everything that He had made and behold it was very good (טוב מאד) -Genesis 1 v 31.  How is it possible that this world, filled with imperfections, as we know it to be, could be declared by Almighty God to be perfect?  The answer is not good through our perspective but from Adam to David to Messiah it is!

Very in Hebrew is spelt with the same letters as Adam = מאד – ‘meod’ – with the mem removed from the last to the first letter – if we could view events beginning with the מ of משיח (Mashiach – Messiah) and then revert all the way back to Adam through David, we would know that whatever transpired throughout the ages was as God proclaimed it to be טוב מאד ‘very good’


Abraham was unique (Ezekiel 33 v 24) with him began a new era in history.  Though all mankind was worshipping multiple god’s, Abraham  began his quest for the one true God – remember the lineage in Genesis 11 – 10 names which result in the man Abraham called to bring in a new era/dispensation – Noah and Abraham.

The Sages reveal that in recognition of Abraham, who devote his life to spreading knowledge of the Almighty throughout the earth, each letter of the word אנכי (‘anochy’– Strong’s H595) “I am” the first word of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 v 2), is an allusion to Abraham.

The allusions are based on the gematria of the letters

א = one, stands for Abraham’s uniqueness

נ = fifty, for his age when he fully recognised his Creator

כ = twenty, for the twenty generations from Adam, who was created circumcised, to Abraham, who received the mitzvah of circumcision

י = 10, for the ten trials he withstood

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