Messianic Insights - Aleph PT4 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet)

Alpeh 4

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Messianic Insights - Aleph PT4 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet) 

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ (Genesis 1 v 1) “In the beginning God created the heaves and the earth.”

בראשית can be read as בראשית – Beth means ‘house, home’ in Hebrew (Strong’s H1035) – the three Hebrew letters ראש means ‘head’ (Strong’s H7218) Genesis 3 v 15 – so we learn the lesson of the very first Hebrew word of the Torah – Head of the House or Head of the Home.

את – Strength and Covenant indicator –

In Hebrew the definite article is expressed by prefixing the letter ה  (hey).  Often, for extra emphasis, the word אתis used in addition to the prefix.  The את alludes to completion and perfection.  Thus the Torah uses the EMPHATIC ARTICLE in describing the CREATION this usage alludes to the fact that the universe was created in complete perfection, from Aleph to Tav.  God’s first act was to create the letter from Aleph to Tav.

From אלף‘ aleph’, one, that grows into אךף ‘eleph’, a thousand, by the change of a single vowel.  With a further change of vowels, the word ‘aluph’ which means master (Jeremiah 3 v 4).

In general the ‘aluph’ marks the superlative in nobility and wisdom.  Therefore, the heads of the families and tribes were called ‘aluphim’  - ‘dukes’ (Genesis 36 v 15).

The ‘aluph’ applies to ‘one that has mastered Torah’ as seen in the ‘aleph’ to the ‘eleph’ – the one to the thousand!

This meaning for ‘aleph’ is interpreted as an injunction to study Torah.  The answer to learning Torah is given in Deuteronomy 30 v 11 “This commandment is neither beyond your understanding nor is it far away.  It is not in heaven … nor is it beyond the sea … but the word is very near to you: in your mouth and in your heart to perform it.”

As God commanded Joshua 1 v 8 “You should contemplate it day and night” … ‘

The teaching of this is found in Job 33 v 33 “If not, listen to me; keep silent, and I will teach (aleph) you wisdom.”

ELIHU (‘God the Lord’) SON OF BERACHEL (‘God has Blessed’ – ‘Blessed of God’ (El)

“ …. Elihu the son of Barachel ..” (Job 32 v 2)

אליהוא בן ברכאל– ‘Elihu the son of Barachel’

Aleph – 1, Lamed – 30, Yod – 10, Hey – 5, Vav – 6, Aleph – 1, Bet – 2, Nun soffit – 50, Bet – 2, Resh – 200, Kaf – 20, Aleph – 1, Lamed – 30 = 358 – the same Gematria as Messiah, Nachash (snake), Goshenha, Breastplate, Anointing, Shiloh will come!

Psalm 112 acrostic all the virtues of Abraham – the happy man.

Proverbs 31 all the virtues of Sarah – the complete woman.

ADAM – Genesis 2 v 7 “Then the LORD God formed man (אדם) of dust from the ground (אדמ ) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man (אדם) became a living being.”

Adam-adama-dam-adom – man-ground-blood-red

The colour link to the story of creation and its keyword ‘adam’ comes by the word ‘adom’ meaning ‘red’.

The chain adam-adama-dam-adom, men-ground-blood-red is the mirror of God’s language in the physical world – thinking of the well known phrase ‘blood, sweat and tears’

אדם– Adam (Strong’s H120)

אדמה – Adamah – (Strong’s H127 – ‘soul, dirt, ground from its redness)

דם – dam – (Strong’s H1818 – ‘blood’) – think Ephes Dammim (Strong’s H658 ‘boundary of blood drops’ where David defeated Goliath – 1 Samuel 17 v 1.

אדם– adom – (Strong’s H122 – ‘rosy, red, ruddy’ (Genesis 25 v 30).

Adama-adama-dam-adom-dema – man, ground, blood, red, tears

דמע – dema – (Strong’s H1832 ‘weeping, tears’) - Psalm 56 v 8.

Blood = ‘dam’ – Dalet and Mem – a door and chaos, waters

Tears – ‘dama’ – Dalet, Mem and Ayin – Ayin in Hebrew means ‘an eye’ – hence tears are the blood of the eyes.

The Book of Chronicles begins with the ‘first man’ Adam (1 Chronicles 1 v 1 “Adam, Seth, Enosh.”

The three letters of his name allude to the uniqueness of the human being.

א (aleph) is for אדם the human being

ד (dalet) is for דבור his power of speech

מ (mem) is for מעשה his power of action

Thinking of the order revealed in Adam’s name

א – Adam

ד – David

מ - Messiah


Abraham was unique (Ezekiel 33 v 24) with him began a new era in history.  Though all mankind was worshipping multiple god’s, Abraham  began his quest for the one true God – remember the lineage in Genesis 11 – 10 names which result in the man Abraham called to bring in a new era/dispensation.

The Sages reveal that in recognition of Abraham, who devote his life to spreading knowledge of the Almighty throughout the earth, each letter of the word אנכי (‘anochy’– Strong’s H595) “I am” the first word of the Ten Commandents (Exodus 20 v 2), is an allusion to Abraham.

The allusions are based on the gematria of the letters

א = one, stands for Abraham’s uniqueness

נ = fifty, for his age when he fully recognised his Creator

כ = twenty, for the twenty generations from Adam, who was created circumcised, to Abraham, who received the mitzvah of circumcision

י = 10, for the ten trials he withstood

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