Women at the well it’s time to rejoice – PART TWO


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Women at the well…

In John 4 we have another of Christ’s Brides, she is about to have her bucket filled for ever with His Life giving water!  She became one of His interior brides.  One who knew Him, one whose life had been so transformed that she received His divine command with great joy and leaving her water-pot ran back to the City!  We will see that she was now the holder, bearer and distributor of new life in Jesus Christ!

She became Christ’s great spokesperson in the midst of a great vacuum of the presence of God and following her example so shall we!! Behold Jesus weary, sitting down by the well speaking to a woman whose husband could not be seen, an outcast from her own people and seemingly unsuitable for such a conversation!  One who was living a disobedient life, but she was the one that He came for, the one He would ask for a drink! John 4 v 7.

In John 4 v 4, we read that He had to pass through Samaria!  It was always destined by Her Heavenly Father that she should meet His Son and receive the declaration that He was the Messiah!! V 26”Jesus said to her “I who speak to you am He.”

No-one could keep her away!  And no-one can keep us away from the wonderful position of true intimacy with Our Father in Heaven!

We are His true Brides by the well of His Holy Spirit where He invites us to draw His water with JOY!  Isaiah 12 v 3 “Therefore you will JOYOUSLY draw water from the SPRINGS OF SALVATION. And in THAT DAY you will say “GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, CALL ON HIS NAME, MAKE KNOWN HIS DEEDS AMONG THE PEOPLES, MAKE THEM REMEMBER THAT HIS NAME IS EXALTED”.

ZAREPHATH!  A place of refining a place of stripping, a place of desperation!  But a tremendous blessing, a place to find ourselves without help or hope in any man!  In these days of famine we are the ones being kept alive with God’s precious Word, we are the ones positioned at the ‘gates’  of  people’s lives with a heart to serve them with bread and water (The Living Lord Jesus Christ and His Powerful Holy Spirit) even though we may feel about to perish ourselves! We won’t perish!  Jesus, the Son in our lives will not die!  He will be raised!  He will be handed back to us as we take ourselves away to our ‘upper room’ alone with God Himself!

He longs to revive in us the life of His Son!  We have a message to give, we can tell others of the love of our Great Sustainer of Life, the One who longs to be introduced as the true Messiah to those who are weary and ashamed, who go to the well to draw water when they cannot be seen and identified by onlookers and enemies!  But He looks, He waits, He cares, He positions Himself that He may be found by them.  Acts 17 v 24/28.

What an invitation!  Draw MY water with JOY, make known MY deeds, show them by your life that I am still alive and relevant.  Make them remember that My Name is exalted! Psalm 132 v 8.

Let My Name be first of all exalted in you! Praise Me for the secret place of the Most High God where you come in and find refuge! Psalm 91.  Praise Me for my great throne of grace where you can find grace and mercy in your time of need.  Hebrews 4 v 14/16.

Sisters and Brides who wait by the River!
That great river of life proceeding out of the belly of the One we love—the Great Giver of Life, the Lover of our soul. YOU!  Dear lady, heart breaking by the well, shame has caused you only to come when you cannot be seen and judged by others.  But for you a great Saviour awaits!
Tired and weary as He sits by the well that you are coming to visit!
He knows exactly where you are, the time you will arrive, and the size of the bucket that you will bring. He sees your heart, sees your shame, and He waits, He waits only for you!  You are His reason for being there, no other!
He rejoices already in His great heart that you respond to His questions, respond to His love.
His head is dripping with the dew of revival which He will pour into your desolate lonely aching heart.  He is coming to revive you and call you to be His purple queen.  Yes!  One who is arrayed in garments, One who has the fragrance of myrrh and aloes and cassia!  Yes!  Your sorrow and suffering, and places of death have been seen and noticed by Him and out of His ivory palace of death He comes to sing a song on His own stringed instrument to you!
May The True Heart strengthen your heart!!

With deepest affections



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