Messianic Insights - Beth PT2 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet)

Beth 2

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Messianic Insights - Beth Part 2 (Discovering Messiah Through Hebrew Alphabet) 



The 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Zayin.  It appears like a sword or weapon (spiritual weapon in the word of God). Surprisingly, the Zayin does not appear anywhere in Psalm 91 which is a warfare Psalm. However, if you look closer at Psalm 91, you will see little tagins (tags) at the top of each letter in Psalm 91 that function as zayins. In fact, in Psalm 91 v 12 there are 23 tagins. This emphasizes the fact that this Psalm is indeed a spiritual warfare Psalm. Every time you recite Psalm 91, you are sending spiritual weapons in the heavenlies.

“We read also of Rabbi Jod, perhaps so called because היהקטן, he was little, as the author of Juchasin observes. This shows in what language the Torah was written; not in the Samaritan language, for the Yod in that is a large letter, but in the Hebrew, in which it is very small; and particularly is written in a very diminutive character, “by one tittle" some think is meant one of those ducts, dashes, or corners of letters, which distinguish one letter from another, that are much alike; others have thought that one of the pricks or vowel points is intended; others, one of those little strokes in the tops of letters, which the Jews call “crowns” and “spikes”, is here meant, in which they imagined great mysteries were contained; and there were some persons among them, who made it their business to search into the meaning of every letter, and of everyone of these little horns, or pricks, that were upon the top of them. So says R. Meir


‘Beth’ is illustrated here with the ‘tagins’ (Matthew 5 v 18) on the top of the left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner – it always printed in Torah scrolls with two sharp points.  The one located at the bottom right hand points backward towards the Aleph.  The one on the top left hand corner points upward toward God.

An old Jewish story explains these two points “If you should ask the ‘beit’ “Who made you?”, it points up toward God.  If you ask it, “What is His Name?”, it points backward toward the Aleph.  During Yeshua’s life on earth, He consistently did both of these things.  He pointed to God and proclaimed Him as both Creator and Redeemer.


בראשית– ‘bereshit’ – “In the beginning” (Genesis 1 v 1)

According to Midrash the 6 letters of ‘בראשית for the 6 days of ‘creation’ (Genesis 1 v 24/31) – Proverbs 8 v 22 “The LORD possessed at the beginning of His way, before His works of old.”  The Hebrew word here for beginning is ראשית – ‘reyshith’ (Strong’s H7225/7218 ‘rosh’ = ‘head’) meaning ‘first in place, time and rank, the firstfruit, the chief, the best’.

The scripture reads ‘possessed’ me not ‘created’ me – it is referring to Christ – the wisdom of God is never said to have been ‘created’ – (Colossians 1 v 18) – head in Hebrew New Testament  ראש ‘rosh’ as in ‘bereshit’ (Genesis 1 v 1).

Christ ‘wisdom’ is now revealed in Proverbs 8 as being before creation.


The very shape of the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet represents the shape of a house, a home –  the Beit is comprised of three connected vavs resembling a square, yet open on the left side.  From the perspective of Torah, the top line (ROOF) of the square faces EAST, the right side (WALL) faces SOUTH and the bottom side (FLOOR) faces WEST.  The open side faces NORTH - “My house will be called a House of prayer for the nations.” (Isaiah 56 v 7) – The Messiah – Maschiach – משיח … will be the One to close the FOURTH side of the letter ‘bayit’ – the בwill become a closedמ= (Isaiah 55 v 1).

Midrash states that the Divine motivation for creation was that the Holy One desired a ‘dwelling place’ in lower reality.

From the perspective of Torah – “The Torah calls EAST “forwards” (Genesis 28 v 14), SOUTH “towards the right” (Exodus 26 v 18, 35, 27 v 9, 36 v 23, 38 v 9; Numbers 2 v 10, 3 v 29, 10 v 6; Deuteronomy 3 v 27), WEST “towards the (Mediterranean) sea (Genesis 28 v 14), which is also called “the sea behind” (Deuteronomy 34 v 2), since it is behind one standing in the land of Israel facing EAST.  Thus, if one imagines the ‘bayit – בית – lying on the ground, it assumes the orientation mentioned in the text.”

Mashiach will reveal the dimension of the Torah = Rashi on Song of Solomon 1 v 2 “May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!  For your love is better than wine.” – according to Midrash the Bridegrooms ‘kisses’ are all the promises of his mouth (peh) applied to her (His bride). The Hebrew word used here for ‘kisses’ (Strong’s H5401) meaning ‘to join together, to equip with weapons’.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word ‘beth’ is 412 – in Hebrew the same numerical value as the word for ‘passion’.


Abraham … called it …. “a mountain” (Genesis 22 v 14).

Isaac … called it “a field” (Genesis 24 v 63).

Jacob … called it “a house” (Genesis 28 v 19).

“How awesome is this ‘place’ - ‘maqom’ (Strong’s H4725)..” -  (Genesis 28 v 17).

Gematria provides a method of converting words into numbers and/or numbers into words, thereby revealing relationships between words.  For example Jacob had a wonderful dream (Genesis 28 v 10/19).  When he awakes he is so taken, he exclaims, “There is God in this place.” Since Jacob knows the entire Torah, ad since the Torah calls Go “Place” Jacob already would know that God is “in this place” so why does he say this?

One method of investigation is Gematria.  First compute the Gematria of the Hebrew for “There is God in this place” which adds up to 541.  Then look up all the other Hebrew words of the Torah that also have the Gematria of 541.

The other words adding up to 541 reveal a deeper understanding of Jacob’s statement “There is God in this place.”

The words “and submit yourself” (Exodus 16 v 9) have the Gematria of 541.

Some other ‘words’ that have the numerical gematria of 541 = “I have found” – “and I will deliver” – “and I will set apart” – “a wave offering” – “the commandments”

This reveals something about the “Place” in which God is found.  God promises the land where Jacob was dreaming to his children forever.  The land is Israel, and Israel has the Gematria of 54, teaching us that God is found in His commandments.

“Verily the heavens and the heavens of the heavens ..”  1 Kings 8 v 27).”And it shall be the place that God shall choose ..” (Deuteronomy 12 v 11).

“And they shall make for Me a Sanctuary …” (Exodus 25 v 8).

Sages declare that Beth with the numerical value of TWO points to the second day of creation God made the oceans and the atmosphere – the ‘houses’ for the fish and the birds (Genesis 1 v

The ‘bayit’ – בית  represents -

  1. 1.    Yeshua in whom the fullness of the Godhead dwells.
  2. 2.    The Bible in which we find God’s living Word to all mankind.
  3. 3.    Creation which is the dwelling place of mankind.
  4. 4.    The human heart – לב ‘leb’ – first letter of the Torah = ב ‘Beth’ and the last letter of the Torah ל ‘lamed’.

Psalm 84 v 3, 4, 10,

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