Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries is a personal friend of Julie Edensor and has been for over 20 years.

Biblical Covering for both Zarephath Ministries / Beth Baruch Fellowship comes under the covering of Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries. Jacob is a personal friend of Julie and provides both a ‘Biblical Covering’ to herself, Zarephath Ministries and Beth Baruch Fellowship.

Please see a personal message of support from Jacob Prasch:


The Body of Christ has been blessed with some fine and biblically based women in ministry to other women including Kay Arthur, Johanna Michelson, and others. It is our view at Moriel that there is a need for such a ministry in Britain.

In an age of crazy doctrine with biblically ignorant hype artist women preachers and false prophetesses, every bit as unscriptural and spiritually and doctrinally deranged running loose on the godless channel, the so called Elijah list etc. There is a clear and obvious need for Christ centered, biblically grounded , yet Holy Spirit filled alternatives.

Here in Britain, at last, women's ministry is beginning to bud and blossom. We are pleased The Lord has been blessing Zarephath Ministries. Julie Edensor is a fine and gifted bible teacher well grounded in firm scriptural tradition and she as a staff member of Moriel UK is known to us for her dedication to The Lord and to His Word.

In these Last Days women in The Body Christ need more women in the  character of Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Yael, and Lydia (we have far too many in the character of Jezebel and Athelia). Zarephath Ministies partnering with Moriel features a host of other biblical teachers and teachings oriented towards Christian women addressing a variety of subjects including eschatology, and Sister Julie is a woman well worth hearing.

We would encourage our female friends and supporters of Moriel in the UK to take full advantage of Zarephath Ministries and its publications and if possible to attend a teaching meeting.

We are asking The Lord to cause this much needed area of ministry to grow.

Jacob Prasch
(Moriel Ministries - Director)


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